CDC Travel Health

The Centers For Disease Control is a great resource of health information on specific destinations. It is what you want to know before you go.

Currency Converter

Convert any currency to/from any other.

Google Maps

Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps

Passport Information

This guide will take you through the steps for a new, replacement or stolen passport. Printed application forms and nearest passport processing offices are included.

Visa Guide for U.S Citizens

This listing is for U.S. citizens traveling on tourism/business and does not apply to persons planning to emigrate to foreign countries. Persons traveling on official business for the U.S. Government should obtain visa information from the agency sponsoring their travel. For purposes of this publication, a visa is an endorsement or stamp placed by officials of a foreign country on a U.S. passport that allows the bearer to visit that foreign country. Note: Wherever you see the words "photo(s) required" in this publication, it generally means that you will need to submit passport-size (2"x2") photographs.

Vital Record Services

The benchmark of VitalCheks business operations has always been, and will continue to be our ability to link Americans with the state, county or city agencies which house their personal vital records- specifically, certified copies of birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates. With over 250 network affiliates nationwide, VitalChek represents the fastest and largest supplier of certified vital records in the country.

Weather, Outlook, Alerts & Climate

Find climates, average temperatures, travel delays/alerts & weather patterns for any place in the world.