Gay+LGBT Travel

We are both LS (Lifestyle Specialists) and IGLTA Accredited Travel Counselors, by the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association. This demonstrates our specialized product knowledge, wisdom and contacts in serving the LGBTQ+ community's travel. Let us share over three decades of our Insider's Expertise with you.

Travel+Leisure Magazine has recognized us the last 8 years in a row on The A-List as one of The World's Best LGBTQ+Gay Travel Experts which includes Destination Celebrations such as Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Birthdays, reunions or any other special occasion.

When Travel+Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler wrote about gay travel in the early ‘90s, it was the first time the word "gay" appeared in their pages referring to this burgeoning market. Today, the offerings for gay travelers continues to break new ground within the industry.

The LGBT+Gay Travel industry has grown to its own mainstream prominence with such well known companies such as RSVP Vacations, Olivia Cruises and Resorts. Both companies were pioneers in the early formulation stages of this vast industry.

Whether you're contemplating your Honeymoon, Destination Wedding, an independent trip across the continents, or a cruise or tour with other LGBT guests, we have personal relationships with the best of the best and the unknown that can't be found or booked online.

Travel+Leisure LGBT Travel Planner
As a regular contributor to T+L and a globally recognized, Top Travel Advisor on their A-List the last 6 years, and 7 in total, we are your quintissential experts in planning your once-in-a-lifetime, honeymoon.

Where to go, where not to go, where's hot and where's not. A private getaway in largely undiscovered Apulia, Italy -- covered! An iconic visit to better known destinations like Mykonos or Bangkok, we can craft that as well.

The options are incredible and we work hand-in-hand with you to craft a singular and customized honeymoon to a great, LGBT friendly honeymoon destination.

Conde Nast LGBT Travel

The savvy globalistas of CNT have a growing resource and inspiration planner for LGBT travelers. Covering new hotels, emerging destinations and the most gay-friendly travel options, this resource is a growing body of widsom and style.

Man About World

MAW believes that travel—the authentic, personal experience of different peoples, places, and cultures—is transformative.  That being gay allows us to cut through many of the formalities and barriers that separate most other travelers from the people and places they visit.  And in so doing, we experience a profoundly intimate global connection that few others will.

We're a Global Correspondent for MAW and share our Insider's Secrets like that fabulous, new boutique hotel with the gay welcoming vibe, or which up-and-coming destination is right for you.

US State Department LGBT Travel Advisories

Attitudes and tolerance toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons vary from country to country, just as they vary among U.S. cities and states. Most LGBT travelers encounter no problems while overseas, but it helps to be prepared and research your destination before you go. There are a number of countries that provide legal protections to those who are LGBT. Unfortunately, there are others that do not, and a significant number that even criminalize consensual same-sex sexual relations. Persons convicted in these countries could be sentenced to prison, and/or be punished by fines, deportation, flogging, or even sentenced to death. Before choosing one’s international destination, LGBT travelers should carefully consider the laws and biases of their international destination and decide how open one can be regarding one’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Personal judgment and knowledge of local laws and customs before one goes will help ensure your safety. Consult our Country Specific Information and links available throughout this document for other helpful resources.

60by80 City Guides

60by80 sets out to be the definitive travel guide for the online and mobile modern gay traveller. A digital one-stop resource, online and soon on-the-go for smartphones, with all the necessary info and advice for both trip planning and on-location needs, be it for a short break or a business trip. 60by80 not only covers the prime gay nightlife but also the most enticing places to stay, for any budget, what to see, do and buy, and recommends where to eat, with options for impressing either clients or dates, and to satisfy both hardcore gastro-hounds and those out to see and be seen. We are the busy modern gay professional’s snappy and straight-talking best friend for the road, with quality recommendations that have been carefully selected to filter out the noise. Trust us for the low-down on the essential classics as well as the newest show pony in town.