As the world reopens, we're here to help distill the noise as your information navigators and compass for the future. Every day we're updated by official sources on health, safety, openings and the evolving world health scene.

The New Normal now entails the commodities of safety, sanitation, solitude & spiritual. But we believe as we move through covid, the world can become "The New Better" with more emphasis on journeys that matter and leave the world a better place. The Promadic Traveler, or Progressive Nomad will be more conscious than ever of the impact of their travels on not only themselves, but on the Planet.

Today travel is an entirely new experince with new values, precaucions, access and security. And it means different things to different people, but not always a high price tag. But if that's important to you we can pull out all the stops! 

We have hand picked creative, socially distanced, private, close-in and remote options for you, drivable from home, or reachable by air or private jet.

Whether you have an upcoming trip, you've postponed your plans, or you’re thinking about a future journey, we fully believe travel enriches life every step of the way, and travel transforms.

Everyone values different things and we know how to find & focus on them for you. We make non-Googleable travel experiences possbile.

International Travel Management is an award-winning travel design company lead by celebrated Travel Designer, John Clifford. We take experiental travel to another level, combining meaningful experiences with customization and style.

Recognized as one of the world's leading luxury travel-design consultancies, we're honored & recommended by dozens of respected travel publications such as Travel+Leisure Magazine's A-List nine times: in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2004 as one of the World's Best Travel Advisors.

The most recent Travel+Leisure 2019 A-List had this to say about us....

"Clifford has been crafting celebratory itineraries for 33 years. His industry contacts result in benefits like suites in sold-out hotels, tours led by the hotel managers themselves, and guides vetted for their LGBTQ-friendliness, even in places like the Middle East. He also goes to great lengths to arrange activities tailored to personal passions. On a recent trip to India, he paired an international interior designer with celebrity tastemakers for a personal design session. Clifford is also applauded for his extensive hotel knowledge. He’ll pair clients with hidden gems like a suite from a chic boutique in The Catskills to an ultimate glamping getaway in Luang Prabang. He’s often invited to scout new hideaways long before they’re on the radar of the mainstream, giving his clients an inside track to new experiences long before they hit social media stardom"

Extras: Often invited to preview under-the-radar properties, Clifford is known for finding glass-slipper fits for clients, whether an emerging bed-and-breakfast or a high-design urban hotel.

Best for: fashion and art lovers, luxury seekers, multigenerational families

Other expertise: LGBT travel

Our affiliation with Virtuoso luxury group assures our clients top tier VIP status when they travel. Virtuoso travel consultants are the top 1% of travel agencies local businesses with worldwide connections. This represents decades of professional experience, worldwide connections and product, lifestyle and destination expertise.

Over thirty five, continuous years of composing luxury lifestyle and custom international trips have given us a unique perspective on what you -- today's upscale traveler want. It's no surprise that our expertise is in particularly high demand. Successful travel is not a commodity. Booking online is just booking. Relationships are what matters!

The true values in a successful journey are the life-changing experiences, special moments and memories along with relaxation and interaction with the local culture. Sophisticated travelers want to enrich their mind as well as indulge in extravagance.

From Asia to Europe, our personal contacts, exclusive relationships and unequalled amenities span from East to West, and include an intimate knowledge of the world's newest and best Design Hotels as well as off-the-beaten path great, Gay/LGBTQ+ Travel destinations.

ITM handles all business through and is an Independent Contractor with Montecito Village Travel / Your Travel Center, 3329 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 94111. Phone 805-969-5096. Sellers of Travel # California: CST# 2019108-10. Registration as a seller of travel in California does not constitute the state’s approval.